Lubrificazione minimale esterna

English External minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) Volumetric metering
The eMQL system Vectolub® is a clean and economical alternative for lubricant projection in minimal quantity. The Vectolub® system works with volumetric micropumps, which deliver very small quantities of lubricant (starting at 3 mm3) at a high frequency to the friction point by the use of a bifluid projection nozzle. This system is used for:
- Machining, drawing, sawing;
- Lubricant coating;
- Conveyors lubrication.

Lubrificazione minimale interna

English Minimal Quantity Lubrication for Dry Machining Processes
TCut costs
- No need for cooling lubricants
- No need for machine tool components like lubricant filters and cconditioning systems
- No disposal costs for chips and cooling lubricants
- No need to wash workpieces

Improve productivity - Significant reduction of production time (30-50%)
- Higher cutting efficiency
- Tool lives increased by as much as 300%
- Reliable control of production processes.


English Micropompe
Metering pumps deliver and meter out lubricants.
They can be separately actuated and are driven electrically or pneumatically.
The lubricant's metering rate is partially adjustable.